Mindfull dreaming

Buff hmm?

Wondered how I’d look, if I were buff…

I guess something like this:

Black Pearl

lyrics for a song..

Long nights 
When will all this change for better
Lost cries
Hear them sobbing think what ever

Cause I’m a black pearl
Floating in the sky
And you’re of this world
Just trying to get by

Hard work
Do I even know the concept
I’m just a jerk
Someday I’ll hopefully get to something
Fake words
But when I speak it’s always wisdom
Your lies hurts
Makes me feel like the only victim


I feel small and unnoticed
In this big sized world
I am not as important
As what I’m told I’m worth
Just left with broken wings
And commanded to fly
Hear my heart sings
As my life passes by
The walls all come crushing
I’m trapped and all alone
Feellings overwhelm me
I just want to go home.

If I had…

If I had all the time in the world

Every opportunity there has ever been

All hope captured inside my heart

Then I,

would surely be happy

If I had every single drop of love

All kisses with overwhelming trust behind

Be able to hear the life in all living things

Then I,

would surely be happy

If I had the power to live forever

Catch beauty and use it as I want

Make flowers grow on cold hard stones

Then I,

would surely be happy

If I had emotions of a thousand

Every teardrop joined together in a river

A breath of life and fist of death

Then I,

would surely be happy

If I had colors of the universe

Kindness imprinted on my soul

Grace in every movement as i go

Then I,

would surely be happy